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  • Immediate access to several behind-the-paywall episodes: #24 and #25 on Spinoza, #16 on art, #33 on Montaigne, and #45 on Hume/Smith.
  • Access to our bonus episodes #169 and #176 on the films Vertigo and Blade Runner. 
  • Ad-free new episodes (Parts 1 and 2 combined) a week or two after they're released to $5 folks.
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  • Everything included in the $1 level.
  • Immediate access to several other seminal behind-the-paywall PEL episodes.
  • Occasionally, a sampling of bonus content from the $5 level. 
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  • All behind-the-paywall PEL episodes (i.e. episodes 16-77). 
  • Immediate access to ad-free versions of new episodes (including Parts 1 and 2 combined, with Part 2 a week before its public release date). 
  • All exclusive behind-the-paywall bonus content as it's released. This content will include supplemental Part 3 discussions for some regular episodes, close line-by-line readings of texts, and occasional complete new episodes on philosophy, film, and politics and culture. 
  • Note: We are working on enabling access to our web-site back end, including Not School, but that could take a while.
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  • A copy of the 2018 PEL Wall Calendar, mailed to you wherever you may be in the world.
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  • Priority attention to any messages you send to PEL. 
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  • The opportunity to take us out for deep discussions about the meaning of life ... on your yacht. 
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