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1 patron
You will earn our eternal love and gratitude! We all know that’s not enough though, so you’ll also get:
  • Access to our Patreon activity page with behind the scenes pictures, videos and written blogs
  • 10 Gorilla Wolf Coins to be used as currency when we do giveaways on stream
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Make it rain! The $2 tier will earn you:
  • 15 more Gorilla Wolf Coins
  • The $1 bonus
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Like a Twitch subscription but way better!
  • Receive a monthly Gorilla Wolf-themed postcard from us as thanks for being awesome
  • See your name in text at the end of every stream 
  • Become a “subscriber” on Twitch for better chances to win giveaways! 
  • This bonus also includes the $1 and $2 bonuses
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