October 2015 Mythoard review: Tales from the Game Tavern Vol #1 (*****)
This is another contribution to Mythoard that's just chock full of fun system-agnostic Halloween ideas, from freaky flesh golems to guzzling ghosts to gross ghouls with an alien abduction and zombie apocalypse thrown in for good measure.
  • Flesh Golem Redux puts a spin on the typical myth with an inseparable trio of women who are in fact flesh golems working hard to hide their deformities.
  • Haunted Armor provides interesting backgrounds to your usual magical armor (like chain mail that provides immunity to cold but makes the wearer look like he died from frostbite).
  • Tavern Ghosts provides a variety of ghost tales that have all-too-deadly influence in a fantasy realm.
  • Grody the Ghoul is a low-level adventure about a goblin turned ghoul who is stealing all the local candy.
  • Alien Abduction features tables fleshing out a fantasy-equivalent, including the type of creature, the kind of abduction, the abduction's purpose, and side-effects from abducted victims.
  • Malignant Scourge dives into the ramifications of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Game Tavern Goulash is a real-life hearty recipe.

The collection is filled to the brim with Halloween-themed ideas that can find a home in any campaign.

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