October 2016 Rewards!
October rewards ( charged Nov. 1st ) are on their way out to you all! For those that just joined my Patreon, you will still get rewards this month, however they will be a little odd!

How it works: Patreon is always a month behind, because payments for content in October ( these rewards ) get charged November 1st. Rewards go out between the 5th and 10th of that month. If you joined after Nov. 1st you will STILL get rewards! Just note that if they say 'October' that yes, you're getting the correct item(s).

The Recent Tier Changes: Because I made the changes at the beginning of the month, everyone that joined after the changes will get the new reward tiers. If you were charged for the old tiers you will get the old tier rewards still, no worries! I am upgrading everyone in the $5 range however to still get a print, new or old.

How the Charms will Work for New Pledges: If you joined after the 1st, you will still get your charm, however it will be shipped at the end of the month you joined. This means I'll be shipping in 2 ways. The beginning of the month for monthly subs, and the end of the month for new joiners.