October 2017 Exclusive Story Poll
 Here's the choices for next months potential exclusive story that patrons $10+ get to vote for!    

Bloodknight Suggestion: Devoured Before Dawn – Halloween, Slasher Movie-esque hunting, demon pred  – Four friends decide to go on a weekend trip to the woods, but end up the targets of a frightening killer and her deranged mistress. 

Saintheartwing  Suggestion:  The Troubles with Pet Sitting – Octopus/F, creature vore – Its Natalie's first day looking over Mr.  Merrigold's bizarre collection of marine biology, what could go wrong? 

The Devil of the Marianna TrenchDevil Mermaid Vore, Giantess  Vore, Macro/Micro - A journey into the Marianna Trench's dark depths take a turn for the worse for a team of underwater recovery specialists searching for the remains of a sunken Japanese vessel.  

Note: Voting begins when everyone's payments go through.