October 2017 Patron Reward
This past week was our teacher Fall Break so we made a break for it... all the way to Moab, UT , for a little camping and generally relaxing. It was beautiful, windy, chilly at times, and nice to be away.

Weeping Angels

The postcards were mailed before we left so if you're getting postcards, you probably already have them. I hope you like them. I thought they came out good and make for a slightly unusual drawing - at least compared to what you've received from me so far.

The prints were mailed today. I didn't have time to go stand in line at the post office prior to the trip so that got done today. I added a sticker in the envelops as a thank you for your patience. If you do place it on your car (or anywhere else) feel free to send me a picture! :)


Being gone a few days sort of broke the flow and now I'm having a hard time picking it up again... I'll try to get back into it this week. It was fun participating for the first 9 days and I do want to continue, even if for every other days (aka the half marathon participation).

Some exciting development on the AVZ front which I will share with you in private soon.

Alright, that's the news for now.

Hugs to all!