October 2017 Update
Whoa, hey ! It's that time of the month, again. Patreon starts charge cycles. I'd have gotten to this earlier to warn and make sure you keep your pledges up to date, but I've seriously been sleeping hardcore lately. It sucks.

This month was mostly working on mori more; I wanted to get tools finished and start solidifying an art style, get the character controls up and running... None of that happened. Oops ! Remember to go to bed on time, brush your teeth, and eat your vegetables. So what DID I do this month ? Well...

-I DID model all the tools and started unwrapping and texturing them, getting a basis of the art style. I just have one more that I've modelled left to unwrap and texture.
-I DID start putting down the basis of the character controls and other details. The state machine is pretty much all there for something primitive, just don't have any conditions set or controls mapped. It's gonna be a bit weird, working with mobile controls.
-I renewed the hosting for my site, angel-island.zone (which I still need to update some more) thanks to help from my dad. X_X If I knew I was gonna be using the site more than I thought I was when I first bought it, I would have bought a longer contract !!! Oh well.
-Prepared for SparkleCare Hospital's reboot (a comic run by Trip, who you can check out here !!)
-Joining forces with a long-time idol in helping reverse-engineer, hack, mod, and document Animal Crossing. ✨✨ They recently came back after SO many years of just having gone dark. They inspired me to be a game developer, even !! Be sure to check out CheddarSword on YouTube. You won't regret it.

The rest of what I did will be in a mori-specific post, since that constitutes most of what happened this month. Can't spoil everything for the general public ! There's a lot more smaller things I'm forgetting, I'm sure. This month has been busy. New roommate moved in, too !!

I guess that's it for the general update. I'll be talking a lot more and sharing resources in my patron-only post !!

Last month's pledges were spent on:
-Gluten free ramen bulk order (so I have food on backup that I can easily turn to for a meal without wasting too much energy)
-Partial replacement funding for breaking Nikki's bong. Oops !

Next month's goals:
-Maybe finally get a legal name change ?!
-DEFINITELY finish up the tools
-Start getting character movement also for real.

Thanks for reading !! See you next month (or sooner !!) ✨✨