October 2017: What To Expect
Now that we've had that month of videos dedicated quite unintentionally to relatively controversial topics, we can get back into stuff I'm more at home talking about. As is always the case, I'll be releasing last month's videos to the public when I release each of this month's videos privately here.

That is, the following two videos will remain exclusive to Patreon until November 2017. What what goodness is this month going to hold?

Eurovision Video | 13th October 2017

After some length deliberations, I decided that the subject of this month's Eurovision analysis should be the gone-but-not-forgotten friend that is Andorra and their unlucky streak. I'll be taking a close look at their strategy, to see if they might still be with us if things had worked out differently, and what they could do if they invest in returning.

Gaming Video | 20th October 2017

Since it's the season of miserable weather and tales of the supernatural, it only felt right that I showcase a delightful little game by the name of Oxenfree, and show the world what I think a masterclass in choice-driven, story-heavy games looks like. And...well, it'll still be the cold, dark season by the time this one hits YouTube, so no harm done-- but you lovely people on Patreon get to experience it while it's still seasonal! And that definitely makes it worth the price of admission...or so I'd hope.

And with that, I offer my sincerest wish that, as ever, you enjoy what I'm providing, here. Happy October...if that's a thing people say. And even if it isn't!