October 2018 Pin-up- Babes of Bad Endings returns! Serenity the Texting Slave
I like this idea of going for alternate universes where things don't go well for our heroes in the spooky season. The $5 and up patrons voted and they opted for the story where Cell-celia is able to turn Robynne into her pawn. Enjoy the short story that accompanies this harrowing tale of texting terror! 

Robynne sent Cory and Eli away to warn the other Spirit Guard of her soon to be incredibly reckless actions. But what if Robynne hadn't acted as sure about what she felt and merely left the store with Cory and Eli only to come back and investigate further later? This time, when Robynne skulks to the bathroom to transform, Cell-celia doesn't knock her through the wall but, much more powerful from a full day of people texting, pours her entire power into the gap in reality Robynne left when she started to transform.

Robynne emerges from the transformation not as Spirit Guard Serenity but in the same sexy Bright Buy uniform that Cell-celia wore. Robynne tries to resist but can't as Cell-celia overwhelms her mind with packets of data. The noise is too much, dilluting her own thoughts and making it difficult to concentrate. It was like a DDoS attack on her own mind. Soon all Robynne could make out was Cell-celia's voice amongst the noise. The only cogent sound. And Cell-cellia tells her to get to work. That she wanted to get a part-time job for some extra cash. She'd have the free time since she wouldn't be Spirit Guarding anymore.

Robynne knew it was wrong but with all the noise it was the only thing that made sense. Worse though, Cell-celia chatted during their shift. She found out Robynne was friends with cheerleaders. Soon she found herself reluctantly carrying on long conversations with dozens of cheerleaders through text. She couldn't stop herself despite the fact that she was spreading Cell-celia's influence like wildfire. It had taken Cell-celia an entire day to build up the strength to  spoof off of Robynne's empathokinetic aura and manipulate it.

Though she didn't want to, Robynne was non-stop texting and spreading it faster. When she wasn't texting, she was driven to tease male customers with her looks, imploring them to let her see and infect their phones. Within hours, with the help of her interminable texting and forced flirting, Robynne had completely recharged the monster. "Now," Cell-celia said with a wicked smile, "text one of your Spirit Guard friends, bimbo. I think it's time we recruit another lovely lady to work the booth with you."