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A massive Settlement Expansion just dropped, along with new assets across all tiers..

See the full details of the release, including a walkthrough video here [Latest Baileywiki Release]

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Foundry Content

You can only get Baileywiki Foundry content by installing the Baileywiki modules through the Foundry directory or by subscribing to Moulinette Cloud service. Just follow these instructions:

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Installation Instructions and FAQ

Modular System Guide

Ripper's 3D Canvas Module (free for Advanced Foundry tiers)


Dungeondraft Post. All the packs are attached to this post. They update regularly, so bookmark this for the future.

Dungeondraft Archive. These are original Dungeondraft maps.


MODULAR TOWN AND DUNGEON UPDATES: (Modular Town Pack, Modular Dungeon Pack)

The Modular Town and Modular Dungeon [17x17 up to 68x68] - Description 

WHOLE MAPS: (Premium Pack)

June 2023 Expansion - Details Here

  • A huge expansion of 28 scenes.

The Sewer [59x59] - Description

  • Large, dynamic sewer map
  • Modular rooms, roofs, multilevel token
  • Animated assets and effects

The Farmhouse [34x34] - Description

  • 2 story farmhouse and barn
  • 3 Motifs (Harvest, Fallow and Snowy)
  • Innovative modular farmland
  • Ambient sounds, lights, walls, and advanced multilevel token support

The Church [20x20] - Description

  • 4 Levels
  • 3 Motifs (Holy Light, Holy Dark, and Unholy
  • Innovative modular crypt level
  • Ambient sounds, lights, walls, and multilevel token support

The Frigate [44x30] - Description

  • 3 levels with both Dark and Light motif
  • Placeable versions to put it on any map

The Granary [33x32] - Description Coming

  • A large townsquare featuring an old stone granary in the center
  • Tactical levels and multiple buildings

The Tower [20x18] - Description

  • 11-levels with 3 different base styles and 2 roof styles
  • "Dark Tower" version with a green motif
  • Placeable Teleporter and Mordenkainen's Mansion door

The Airship [57x32] - Description

  • 6-levels of arcane-powered fun
  • Upgradeable Arcane Cannon and removeable deployment hatch
  • Transparent versions so you can put the Airship on any map.

The Docks [50x50] - Description

  • Main docks map with removable roofs/tent tops and cargo crane
  • Integrated 1st level of the Docks Tavern, or there is a whole separate Tavern Map asset with 5 levels
  • Sewers map (which includes the basement of the Tavern)
  • Remember that the placeable Galleon and Trireme works well in this map. Ample room for both.

The Keep and Infested Keep: [28x25] - Description

  • 6 levels (each)
  • 200 and 300 dpi PNG and WEBP
  • Composites and Transparents. Need more? Let me know.
  • Alternative Rooms in Transparent PNG/WEBP formats

The Galleon [24x14] - Description

The Greek Trireme [29x26] - Description

  • 3 levels
  • Upgrades to the Speed, Armor Class, Attack Power and Sails

The Mansion [21x13] - Description

  • Alternative rooms for party customization
  • Ruined and unfurnished versions

The Multiportal [20x60] - Description

  • Alternative rooms for party customization
  • Ruined and unfurnished versions

The Tavern [30x25] - Description

  • A grand tavern with three different storytelling motifs, lots of upstairs rooms and areas to explore
  • Three versions: Yawning Portal, Fighting Pit and Music Stage

The Magic Shop [20x8]

  • A delightful shop full of mysteries to discover, including a magic portal in a hidden room in the back

Dungeondraft Users

Get the latest assets and Dungeondraft files [here] and access all past Dungeondraft files in the Archive [here].

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