October Accomplishments
It was a surprisingly big month. The late nod from IndieCade had us scrambling to prepare for the Festival, but we made it work, and had a great weekend. We met with developers and publishers, had six hours of showtime to share Fire and Flora with the world, and played a bunch of interesting games - variously fun, creative, disturbing, and thought provoking.

Then, last week (which was actually November, but who's counting) we brought The Puzzle of Life to Toluca Lake Elementary School (a Title I school in north Los Angeles). We were right on target with their 5th graders, who found lots of fun and learning within the Puzzle. We then had a near-miss with their 3rd graders, who did find both fun and learning within the Puzzle, but were also a little confused by our presentation. But that's OK, as it was a good learning opportunity for us as well. Next time we visit a third grade class, we'll break things down into smaller pieces, and give them more structure. 

Lastly, we launched the Puzzle of Life website. You can find it here:


The website is still very barebones, with lots of images of construction equipment as placeholders, but it's a good foundation for us to build upon.