October 4-6: Halloween Takochu!
I'd say I'm behind on posting things, but I'm pretty sure the only one who feels that way is me.

Anyway, between taking Sunday to rest, needing Monday to do vital monthly errands (and getting landed on my ass; long story, don't ask), and then needing today to recover, I'd say I don't have much to show for myself, but that would be a lie. Especially since I just posted a listing for these adorable variations on my fan favorite amigurumi takochu. No two are ever exactly the same - the spacing between the eyes and the mouth is always a little different on each one - and despite that bit of white in the bottom of the cup, I'm not actually planning to make them available in that color. But they're up, they're adorable, and they're waiting for new homes right now!

Halloween Takochu at Yuuana's Treasure Trove (Etsy)