October and November
Friends, patrons, As mentioned on my Patreon bio, your support is about more than just helping me allocate time toward releasing free games. It's also about helping me allocate time toward all of the things I want to be doing: building community, leading workshops, organizing game events, and more. And so I wanted to update you on what that's looked like over the past month. Because it's been a big month. I was on the road for 38 days, doing a story-games-centric tour. My flights were paid for by a mixture of crowdfunding (thanks, UK friends!) and convention budgets (thanks, Metatopia!). At the start of October, I flew to Big Bad Con in Oakland. I ran six games there. After that, I flew to London. On Friday the 11th, I co-hosted an event with Alex Fradera called Games As Radical Boxing Gloves. It was held at the Limehouse Town Hall, and consisted of a guided conversation about how games can be used to achieve radical ends, and also a play-through of Dog Eat Dog. On October 15th, I co-hosted with Sean Buckley an event called Literally Hacking Games. About a dozen people joined us in cutting up games and gluing them together into new works of art. It's worth checking out the results: http://buriedwithoutceremony.com/literally-hacking-games/ Upon returning to the states, I went to the Queerness & Games Conference in Berkeley (Oct 26-27). There I co-presented a talk with Joli St. Patrick called "Beyond Representation: Queer Mechanics in Tabletop Games." Audio and slides are up at: http://buriedwithoutceremony.com/beyondrepresentation/ After that, I flew to Metatopia. It was an amazing event, and worth going to if you care about any combination of: game design, games advocacy, shifting our culture(s) of play, cool people. While at Metatopia, I playtested games for six designers, and was on two panels: a dialogue with Julia Ellingboe about designing games about shame and monstrosity and confusion, and a five-person panel about Challenging the Dominant Narrative. During my trip, I also worked on three secret non-game projects that I can't talk about publicly yet. Now that I'm back home, I return to hosting the weekly Terminal City Story Games group (http://terminalcitystorygames.com/ - calendar out of date due to recent travels). Cool! If you read this far, thanks for doing so. I wanted to write this post as a way of saying, "Hey, I've had the opportunity to participate in some really important conversations and events over the past month, and it's partially thanks to the generosity of y'all."
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