October Bonus Post Voting
I haven't even looked at what won in September, that's how behind I am right now. Also need to write next week's SNES Project. It's a bit mental. Sorry.

Anyway, I liked how last time worked, so let's do it that way again. Nominate topics for next month's bonus post. If you like someone's nomination, upvote it. Please do not downvote things, and please check that nobody else has nominated something before nominating it yourself. Top-rated item at the end of the month is the next bonus post.

Oh, and apparently some Gamergate assholes are threatening to start trying to contact my Patrons to dissuade them from supporting me. So, um, if that happens, could someone let me know? Thanks. (And, you know; sorry that people are responding to my standing up to Internet hate mobs by bothering you in an attempt to take my livelihood away. That's pretty bullshit.)