October + Change is in the air
And I don't just mean the leafs turning!!

I've been giving a lot of thought to the $10 reward tier's video. The $10 threshold has gone through the most revision since I started this patreon and, after having a lot of time to examine my own workflow and interests, I have finally settled into something that I feel is most comfortable to me as a creator and to you as a patron. Fear not, the videos and desktops are not going away!!

Moving forward, I will instead switch the focus of the $10 threshhold to include a timelapse video as the 'video' portion of the deal. The reasons are manifold but boil down to simply time constraints (for the consumer too!) and the redundancy of having a request-a-video tier in addition to this. I've received little feedback on the tutorial media, which only makes me wonder if it's being used at all. Furthermore, since I can only highlight one topic per month, it may not be of use at all to certain artists, to say nothing of my non-artistic patrons. You might find it interesting regardless... Or you might not, in which case, it's kind of a bust. And I don't want you to feel like you aren't getting your money's worth.

Also there was the problem of me just running out of things to tutorial-ize! I only know so much about so many techniques and processes, and to repeat myself might disappoint my longest patrons. I value all my patrons enough to want to keep things fresh and new each month.

However, a timelapse is something anyone, regardless of skill level, can appreciate. It's educational in the same manner as a strict tutorial, interesting to even the non-artistic population to see how a drawing is constructed from nothing, and it's done in a bite-size chunk of time. It's also relatively simplistic to produce on my part, a very important factor for me these days. In addition, the art that shows up in my timelapses will be a sneak peek at some yet-to-be-publically-released artwork, as I tend to post these timelapsed art pieces long after the video's completion.

If you miss the tutorials, or would like to direct me toward showing you something specific that you can use (even in a non-artistic sphere-- I am pretty knowledgeable with some games as well) in a video format, I invite you to pledge to my video reward tier! If you are in my $10 tier, then you can afford this video reward, as they are pay-what-you-want at a minimum of $6.66!

I hope that you all will be satisfied with this change, moving forward. I believe it's been almost a year now that I've had this patreon around and both it and I have had a lot of growing pains. However I'm so happy that it has worked for me this long, and that some patrons of mine have stuck around since the very start to support me. I must be doing something right, and now, I'd like to do something even better!!