October Check-in Post: Inky Fingers Edition
October is way  more than half over at this point so this is a bit late. So, here's what I've been up to lately and what I've got cooking for the last of the month.
  • Inktober/D&D 5e magic item compendium: October has a month long art challenge attached to it where you try to do an ink-based sketch each day. This year, I decided to do magic items using the 5e DMG and following the official prompt table. You can follow my progress on Instagram. At the end of the month, I'll be scanning everything and putting it here as a PDF at the $1 tier, along with stat blocks for the magic items I created (thus far, there's four including today's) and ruminations on exactly how these magic items functionally work. 
  • Playing in campaigns: So, to do along with my ongoing Stars Without Number and D&D5e campaigns, I've now got a game of Apocalypse World 2e that's had its session 0 (not streamed or recorded, sadly). So that'll be taking up some more of my time.
  • Streamed & Recorded Campaigns: Good news though! Once I figure out some solid workarounds and ways to record/stream it, I'll also be doing a Godbound campaign as GM and a Curse of Strahd campaign as a player! More news on that soon.

And that's what I've got brewing! Still, I need to figure out what to work on for next month. Leave me some comments with what you want to see move closer to completion. Should I focus on the crews for Misbehavin'? Work out how to make Wrestling in the Dark Matches work? Start the non-research work of Loaded God Complex?  Come up with some nifty D&D hacks now that I've finally played enough? Get out a first draft version of the GM's Tarot Guide? Something else? Let me know what you're feeling!

Also, since there's a pretty big jump between tiers right now, I'm considering adding in a $10 tier where, once a month, I'll help you generate something for use in a campaign, like small hacks, NPCs, conflicts, and the like. That does mean you'd also get this at the $25 tier too and that might go up if anyone was looking into it. Sound interesting at all?

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