October Coming and new rule for Tier 4 and 5
Hello everyone! September is nearing its end and October is just around the corner! I'm here to remind about that, but also talking about a new rule regarding the commissions I'm going to implement on November.

This month, I had so many people who sent me their commission requests really late, and this made me work around the clock and caused some stress. I'd really not want this to happen again.

SO, starting from November, I'll start expecting my commissioners to send me their monthly request by 15th day of that month.  This means it's a preferred you think in advance what you want so you can send me the request as soon as possible in new month. If you fail to send me the request by 15th day, I won't be accepting your commission in that month. If you miss the deadline, I am willing to compensate a bit in next month and give you some extra stuff in the commission (like an extra character) but if you miss two months in a row, I will not stock up anymore extra. I'll be sure to send reminders for people before 15th day so I hope this won't happen.

And that's about it. 

This new rule will come in affect in November. So my current tier 4 and 5 people have time to read and understand this new rule. And, back out of course if someone does not agree with it.

I want to thank you all again for all the support. Can't wait for some spooktacular stuff in October! 

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