October draws to a close...
Hello again, or welcome if you are a new supporter! We've sent out almost all of last month's rewards (a few physical mailings to go). Just let me know if you have any questions. The next Patreon cycle will begin at the change of the month.

We've gone from 82 dev items in September to the last 14 now. Everything slows down a bit here, more over release paranoia than anything to do with the crunchiness of the individual items. Here's the complete list, in no particular order (there won't be any surprise additions from here on):

(*) clean up some stuff with personality needs (mainly polishing off adventurer arguments over values)

(*) go through some more non-dwarf item code testing in the fort

(*) let long-term residents bug you a bit if you aren't holding up your end of arrangements

(*) tavern reputation improvements/indications

(*) allow diplomats and bandits to visit your tavern (merchants are harder due to old code, will probably skip)

(*) clean up conflicts with meetings/witness reports and the new time-off mechanics

(*) improve spectator text (again...)

(*) improve performance text (again...)

(*) rumor display (maps perhaps, though if that falls through we might skip)

(*) payment as bard (or something, it's hard in the current framework)

(*) position as bard (as above)

(*) a few minor improvements to musical form descriptions

(*) more distinctions in individual composition as opposed to form (it'll still be very sparse for now)

(*) test passing incident rumors by song, in particular changing non-art reputations by lyrical content

As these are finished, we'll be polishing up bugs that crop up and worrying over other release issues. Hopefully we can get this done soon!