October Finances Breakdown
I want to be really transparent Patreon finances! I'm using Patreon exclusively to fund cosplay -- I have a real-person, career-track job for my bills and food; Patreon is meant to help cover cosplay expenses (and make costumes a little cooler than they might have been otherwise)!

 Here's what happened with pledges processed on October 1st! I round to the nearest dollar for simplicity here c:

Total amount pledged: $57
Amount Deposited: $51 (after transactional fees + Patreon's cut)

Website hosting costs: $12
Taxes deposit (20%): $10 (I probably won't have to pay taxes this year as Patreon income will be <$400, but still better safe than sorry!)

This leaves us with $29 to spend!

I decided to spend it on some upgraded beads for Katara from Fire Mountain Gems, specifically:

Shipping was $6, bringing the order total to just under $24!

This leaves us $5 for some pretty blue dye for the mother of pearl pendant, which I'll pick up at the art store.

- - - - - - -

This is so exciting! We're upgrading the headdress beads and hand-dyeing and carving Katara's necklace from *actual* mother-of-pearl. This is going to be the prettiest Katara jewelry ever -- and it wouldn't have been possible without you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. <3