October first fortnight progress
Well, here we are.

Lots of things happened to me this first fortnight of the month (Fortnight? What a weird word.) but let's get started with checking the schedule:

First days of the month were for finishing and posting the latest A SONG FOR A STAR patron-exclusive chapter, which you can find here. And the following days I worked on the ARABIAN NIGHTS project as you can see in the photo above, colouring and colouring, as the same time that I prepared THE LAST QUEST pages for the contest and submited them, which was a lot of work, more than expected (can you imagine how hard is to write a synopsis? I was like two whole days working on it!) and I wanted to begin to post it on my DA and Tumblr, as well as the full HQ pages for all of you, but with all the Internet issues I couldn't. Yet, I think I will be able to post at least the first chapter before the end of the week. Then, yesterday night I finished THE LONGEST NIGHT chapter 6, which I posted a bit earlier, and both programmed Black Wood Stories were also done.

So this week I will keep working on the ARABIAN NIGHTS project, the most important one right now, but I will also work on the next THE LAST QUEST pages, at least the pencil works, and the illustration, in which I was thinking and wondering for a while before I finally decided it will be an awesome Final Fantasy one. I will post about its process, including a short video which will be posted on my YouTube channel.

On the other hand, I resumed my English lessons at the academy and signed up for a course were I will learn about marketing and all this stuff. It will be an intense course in another city, so I will move to my parents home for a while next month, and that means I will have Internet connection again those days, AMAZING!

And I think I am not forgeting anything... So, next time I will post about the illustration process.

Have a nice day, dears! :D