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It's October, so why wouldn't we have a game that's at least slightly Halloween-y. We went ahead and decided upon Tides of Madness. Madness we say!  You can check out the BGG Entry for more info.

Tides of Madness is a new iteration of Portal Game's Tides of Time game. Both of the games are a two player card game that plays under a half hour. In them, players spend a handful of rounds drafting different cards into their tableau in the hopes of scoring the most points based on the different objectives of the card locations. 

As one would expect, Tides of Madness introduces a new mind-bending twist in the form of a madness mechanic. It turns out these kingdoms are a bit more unstable than traditional ones, and trying to acquire these lands are enough to drive anyone insane. In these cases, when you score certain locations you also must contend with going slightly mad in the process, which adds a whole new layer of selection strategy to the game. Winning each round helps stave off the craziness some, which is good, because if you end up with too much, you can just flat out lose, regardless of your score.

Mwa ha ha ha!

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