October Merit Badge, 2018
Hey Scouts!

This October, you’ll be earning your Green Ghoulie badge. 

Boy, oh boy, do we love Halloween. The drama, the candy, and macabre merrymaking — it’s all so fun and, unfortunately, really unsustainable. Whether you celebrate H-ween or not, we’d wager that you still partake in the festivities of fall, like themed drinks and pumpkin picking. As always, we’re not telling you to put down that PSL just yet. We believe you can celebrate the season and still save the planet. By the end of the month, through interactive posts, you will have learned how to:

  • Make eco-friendly fake blood
  • Throw a scarily sustainable party
  • Conjure a costume from what you own or can thrift
  • Pick and carve pumpkins consciously
  • And much more, including a special lesson chosen by YOU! Comment on our Insta Stories today. 

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🎃This photo is from our #IRL series — this theme being the film Almost Famous. Photography by Chelsea Francis. Modeled by Mary Bryce. Styling and makeup by Magdalena Antuña

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