Video. Next time. I promise. (I'll get REAL CONTENT to show you ALL, not just words.)

Hello ! Thank you for your support again and again. This means a lot to me! And you stayed even if I couldn't give you anything. Thank you !!

So, as you may know if you follow me on social networks, I'm getting better and now draw again. Not as much as before, I still manage some time to rest, but still!

And when I was resting, I did some things:

- translated all the end of chapter 4 and beginning of chapter 5

- started the mock-ups of book 2 and the sketchbook

- planned all the chapter 6 and 7

- added new characters to my list, now they got a story

- revamped some things

- ate pain au chocolat

Those are good news. Yesterday, I even finished a line of a page and started two new ones : I want to work with sequences, for the fluidity of the scene. There won't be releases until two weeks for the French version.

So, for the points :

- the translation may even extend the pages releases to December. I don't know, I'm just randomly counting, but that should do it.

- the book 2 will be in French only. I am starting to wonder if a sketchbook could be interesting for English release, but this is all you can get. So... does it sound interesting or not?

- all the chapters done for the end of book 2 = about +70 pages to do. I'm just saying, I am not sure to make it for Japan Expo, as I am also trying to do more personal things.

- pains au chocolat are excellent.

As for the illustrations and sketches, you're not gonna be disappointed, as Inktober is HERE!! Meaning one drawing per day.

Meaning you'll get a lot of things.

This is all I have to tell you for now.

Thank you again for your support!! :D

Enjoy your month!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 92 exclusive posts
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