Hey dear Patreons, how are you?
I'm good, very good :)

Which is kind of bad for my rpg design efforts, as Real Life demands more and more of my time and attention.
But not all hope is lost!
I'm slowly but steadily working on stuff:

- DreamLess is almost done, it only lacks a few cards in the World Deck

- Touched by Evil keeps performing well in tests; I need more endgame reports, but beside that the development seems to be going great

- the BloodLess videos have stopped for now, but I have one more episode to publish; it is 80% edited, so it should not take too much more time

- I'm planning a series of in-depth design articles about FateLess

- King of the City italian translation is almost completed

And... last but not least... I'm arranging things in order to launch a Kickstarter in the near future (realistically in 2016, not before) to upgrade one of my published games from an amateurish ashcan pdf into a gorgeous professional product!
Can you guess which one?
And don't worry, in so doing I won't forget the loyal people who supported me all along ;-)

Sooo, this is what's cooking right now.

I hope to be able to actually complete some of this stuff before the end of the year. Fingers crossed! >_<

[ the image shows glüwein, or mulled wine, or vin brulè ... because it's delicious ]