An October Prayer

I found this card in my Sacred Sites Oracle Deck, and I thought it fit right in with our October theme. The energy focus is all about achievement - and what better achievement than celebrating the hunting and gathering we do in our life :)

In the book there is a wonderful prayer to Kwan Yin who sits at the top of the mountain as Goddess of Mercy. A prayer to remind us that we can achieve whatever we put our minds to, not matter what our circumstances.

Here's the prayer, should you wish to use it:

"An arduous journey I have walked, and though I question what's been taught.

I take courage by the strength in me, I know I can change what I can see.

For yang must again be joined by yin.

To find the light, allow darkness in, to raise the goddess and see her in all, I need not let the god side fall.

Kwan Yin, come take a walk with me, be my light so I may see.

Steady my resolve, so I needn't stop, and help me reach my mountain top."