October Newsletter! Rebooted!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last post so I’ve decided to reboot this newsletter thing. Thanks again for sticking around! The main topics of this month’s newsletter will be what I take with me for drawing on the daily, after being inspired after reading Hobonichi’s post about their favourite pens! I’ll also get into other topics like things I’m reading & watching and a preview of things I’m working on.

I try to carry a small pack with me since I prefer to carry a small side bag when I go out! (and usually, you don’t get asked to check in your bags at museums lol). When I come up with ideas I have two ways of going. Either digitally with my iPad or traditionally with pen and paper. So let me show you what I pack for both kinds!

On the digital side of my kit, I mainly use an iPad Pro from 2017 with the apple pencil. My pencil has a grip that I 3D printed so I can hold it better because I think the pencil is so thin. The app I use for about 90% of my work is with the app Procreate. I do everything from sketching up to finishing the digital drawings all in Procreate! I can go over my process in another newsletter maybe? The other 10% is only really when I need to use Photoshop or Illustrator to format the files for clients or when sending things to be printed.

I have a lot of stickers on my iPad and case from various artists I like! Let me show you! I used to be afraid to use stickers but I see these ones every day so I’m not afraid to use them anymore lol.

I mostly use the traditional stuff for sketching ideas only. I like to use a Hobonichi mostly because of the cute covers and its size. Though the paper they use, which is Tome River Paper, is really nice and can take a lot for its thinness.

This is the cover I decided to use this year. It’s from my favourite game series Mother!

My everyday pen is the LAMY Safari rollerball. This was a gift from my cousin! (Thanks Rei) I really like how smooth the ink comes out of the pen.

The pencil of choice is the Palomino Blackwing Matte. I really don't know much about pencils but I hear this one is pretty good from my friends and my workshop idol Adam Savage lol. It comes with an eraser tip but I prefer to use a dedicated pencil eraser. So I use a stick eraser by Staedtler. It’s pretty ok, I mostly like this style of eraser because it doesn’t get too dirty from using it.

For super thin lines, I use a mechanical pencil from Muji. It's pretty standard but because it’s made from metal it’s got a good weight to it.

Special mention: I also have been using the Lousy liner from Lousy Ink It’s made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% recycled ink. I think it goes on paper pretty smooth so I’ve been using it whenever I want bolder lines.

This all fits inside this candy tin I got from Tokyo Disneyland when I went there for a vacation with my family.

Thanks for reading this far! Maybe I’ll show off my painting kit next if you guys would be into that?

I’ve been watching and reading Blue Period! I’m actually so obsessed. It’s about a student who’s following the standard career path for the sake of it. But he then discovers his passion for art and goes all in to follow that career path and the challenges that come along with it. You can watch it on Netflix or read the manga I bought mine from here.

I’ve actually been really busy with my full-time job but have also been working on some things as well!

I’m doing a collab with Soft Nice! I’ve been working on some tarot cards and a T-shirt based on the tarot cards. We’re in the final stages coming into production soon and just working out the small details. So the preview artwork here may not be final!

I also have an upcoming group art show in Melbourne next month! I’ll be participating in the Knick Knack’s show curated by Tegan Iversen. It’ll be really cute! I’m planning to create 3 sculptures that I printed on the 3D printer in my room. The next stages will be sanding and painting and should be close to finishing after that. Anyways please come along if you can!

I’ve been really busy so I only completed 1 work this month!

This is a commission I did for my friend Evan. It’s a portrait of his bf and their puppy Monte. Monte is very cute, I enjoyed drawing him. I’m still open to maybe one or two of these commissions this month, so if you would like to get one done please feel free to let me know.

Anyways thanks for taking your time to read this and sorry for my writing! Hopefully, I’ll get better in the coming newsletters!

- Tim

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