October Rewards
So I wanted to let everyone know what some of my rewards are going to be!

I've already picked out 2 and they are already being worked on

1st is Menat from Street Fighter

2nd is Dark Summoner Nu Wa from SMITE

and I'm still deciding on the last piece I want to do

I'm thinking along the lines of halloween theme'd or any of these following:

  • Star Guardian Soraka    (LoL)
  • Star Guardian Syndra    (LoL)
  • Witchy Mercy      (Overwatch)
  • Bewitching Morgana     (LoL)
  • Halloween Awilix       (SMITE)
  • Witchy Freya              (SMITE)
  • Something w/ Sombra  (Overwatch)
  • Star Tamer Bastet      (SMITE)