October rewards delivered! + misc. news
Hi! I sent out the October rewards a short while ago. Processing was a bit later than usual today, but there were no real problems. I hope you enjoy the reward pack! Additionally, thanks to a whole 5 new patrons in this past month alone!

As I said in a post earlier in October, I was going to try to draw one original character per day of the month... which I did manage to do for a while, but then I noticed I wasn't getting any Patreon work done. But then I started on my Patreon work and the OC drawings stopped. Anyway, it was still a good experience of drawing every day while it lasted. It's not limited to October either, so I'll be sure to keep trying to draw as often as possible.

I'm not too sure what I have planned for November. I sketched out a short R18 animation by hand sometime during the past month (I didn't post it here: you can see it on pixiv), so I think I'll polish it with proper lines and color. The high-res version will be a nice $10 tier reward, I think...

Oh, also: I finished last month's work early, so I've been preoccupied with working on that GJ-bu game I started.

Over the past two days I did a lot of work on the movement animation (running, jumping), and I'm currently finishing up one of the sprites before showcasing it. I think it looks and feels pretty nice so far, so I'm excited to share.

Well, I'll be getting some sketches done over the next little bit, so you'll see what's in store for November rewards soon enough! Those who have commission request to redeem can send them in now, as always.

Thanks for another month!