This is the reward schedule for October, many things are already posted on Patreon, and others will be sent by email or shipped :)

Tier 1

  • Access To my feed

Tier 2

  • Access to Jason print Giveaway
  • Early access to my blog posts

Tier 3

  • Backstage + preview: Maki Constellation photoset
  • Know my next cosplay
  • Hand autographed print (photo shipped at your place)

Tier 4

  • Skype text chat
  • WIP-tutorial: Felt sword (PDF by email)
  • Vote my next cosplay
  • Discount code for prints

Tier 5

  • Fansign: Felt or Maki (photo by email)
  • Emilia Wallpaper (HD photo by email)
  • Skype group video chat

Tier 6 & 7

  • Skype private video chat
  • Esclusive prints
  • More discount for prints