October Thoughts
Hey, ladies and germs, let me give you some news.

First: I've been given the chance to put some of my project artwork on a play mat. It's due by next Friday. That means I'm going into major painting mode over the next week and a half. I'd like to ask a question of all of you donating at the rate of $5 or more. I was thinking about streaming every single day from now until the painting is complete. Normally I'd make it a private stream as I've done for the past couple months, but how would you feel if I made these particular streams open to all? Would you feel this was unfair? I'd like to use streaming as a chance to pull in new Patrons but I don't want to do that at your expense. 

One way I could split public and private streams would be to pack the private streams with Patron-specific content. For example, I need to develop and refine my lectures for the workshops I'll be running next year (!!!), and I've got specific exercises for world-building that I want to put through a test run. I could spend a few hours showing you what's to come. You would get a chance to crit the instructor. ;)

Another option would be to open that time up for critique sessions. You send me a work of art that's troubling you, we'll go over it together for an hour. I may go back to having a dedicated tier for mentoring, that's still up in the air, but in the meantime I'd love to help a few Patrons who want the assistance.

Respond with your thoughts, please! I want your input.

Second: I've resumed writing on the first draft of Walking the Glass. I'm not daring to predict when said draft will be complete. I'm attacking the bugger until he's been wrestled to the mat, at which point I will declare temporary victory and probably drink too much sake in celebration. Sake doesn't give you hangovers, though so I'll be up and at the canvas the very next day while I await the sharp, brutal strikes of my editor's razor-sharp axe. 

Third: I've been drawing, too, and holding back a lot of sketches, plus the full-size painting files from my recent work, due to this recent rash of Patron-bot attacks. For those who haven't heard, it goes like this. Some smart (bastards) cookies have discovered they can join a person's Patreon, mine it of all content, and then let their card be declined, thereby reaping all the benefits with (literally) none of the cost of membership. I've had about $100 dollars in such faux-Patronage so far. The smart folks at Patreon will come up with a solution to this problem soon, of that I have no doubt, but in the meantime I need to come up with a system that guarantees paying Patrons get the goods while the thieves don't. I will come up with something by the end of the month to circumvent the circumventers! 

That's all until tomorrow. I'll send out a Picarto code as soon as I'm ready to Launch.