Hey patrons! Quick update here since I've been MIA the past couple of weeks. Just had an important surgery this month and am recovering - I should be back online within the next couple of days and plan to be working on my next song this week! There might be a slight delay, but as always you can expect it early in next month if not by the 31st! :) Sorry for the delay and I'll keep you all posted on developments.

In the meantime, here are two clips of songs that I did off of lyrics on Reddit, while we were all waiting for 6.85 earlier this month:

Wake Me Up When 6.84 Ends: https://soundcloud.com/fwosh/wake-me-up-when-684-ends

Radioactive Disco Pony: https://soundcloud.com/fwosh/radioactive-disco-pony

I've also done various drawings (including patron-requested ones!) this month and will be posting those by the end of this week. :)