October update: Superpowers v4!
Hi friends!

New releases

We're happy to announce a new set of updates for Superpowers:

  • Superpowers v4 fixes a bug when a core update failed, comes with an updated Italian translation (thanks Marco!) and Electron v1.3.8
  • Superpowers Core v4  fixes a crash and updates a bunch of dependencies
  • Superpowers Game v4 has several fixes, a few new APIs for working with actors (Sup.getRootActors, Sup.traverseActors, Sup.getAllActors), the lower-right corner of tile sets now longer needs to be transparent, improved sprite editor grid, some fixes for texture upload...
  • Superpowers Web v3 fixes Jade / Pug syntax highlighting
  • Superpowers LÖVE v3 was updated to Typescript v2.0

Click on each link to see the full changelogs. Additionally, the whole codebase has been updated from TypeScript v1.8 to v2.0 and we now use the typings automatically published on NPM. Note that for now, games made with Superpowers Game still use TypeScript 1.8 as more work is required to update the scripting system.

Community highlights

Thanks again for supporting our open source work on Superpowers :)

— Bilou, Elisée and Pixel-boy