October Video Vote: Far-Flung FOOD TOUR
What's up everybody, as preparation for going FULL-TIME with the channel in April 2017, I'm gonna start traveling to some more far-flung locations.

So I'm getting this OCTOBER video vote on deck a little early, because this little trip's gonna take some more preparation than usual. You know what I'm sayin', babycakes?

So here are the choices of places I could go:

Fukuoka, Japan FOOD TOUR -- Fukuoka is famous for hakata-style ramen, Japanese stew, and a few other crazy-ass concoctions. In this video I'll cruise and peruse around the mean streets of Fukuoka chowin down on local specialties like a wild man possessed.

Busan, South Korea FOOD TOUR -- Busan has some fresh fish and some mighty fine Korean food poppin' off. In this video I'll boost around the mean streets and buckwild beaches of Busan, shooting video of some my favorite Korean foods (such as bossam, pictured above).

Taipei, Taiwan FOOD TOUR -- Taipei is jammed packed with some unique cuisines the likes of which I've never seen outside of Taiwan. In this video I'll sprint around the famous night markets of Taipei, jamming large quantities of D-lish calories down my throat.


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