October's Mailings Are Away!
Hey crows! Thanks again for making the Neo-Anarchist Podcast a success! The October stuff has been sent out, and as always, I'd love to see you post the stuff you get to social media, in order to spread the anarchy! Any pics that you post of yourself wearing the shirts will be immediately re-posted and you will become immortal!

Going forward, please give me some feedback on how you have been liking the stuff we have been doing lately. I want specifics! Do you like the Info and a Job episodes? Was the hostile takeover fun?! Do you wish we would stop all of this fragging about and get back to the history/information? We have some pretty sweet stuff coming your way, and I've been involving myself in a number of secret projects beyond the podcast that when all is revealed, you will be proud! Together we stand. Alone.... we succumb to the machinations of the powerful and wealthy, to our own destruction.

As a point of order, I hesitate to bring this up, but info is info, and so it must get out. There have been incidents of patreon cards being declined over the last few months. Not a huge problem, as as most of you know, it hasn't stopped the street gear from going out. And it won't. if you pledged at a certain level and something goes haywire, either in your personal life, with your bank, or patreon itself, I am not your judge, and I don't want you to miss out. So I will still send your stuff. But, in this last month, the declined cards have dropped us back below the threshold for weekly episodes. Just a heads up. Nobody panic. I'll still do weekly episodes, but It's not sustainable long term. Once again, no judgement, and no anxiety, just some housekeeping. 

Love you, crows. Stay tuned. November has some cool stuff near the end. 


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