October's New Art Jewelry
Is from a movie that Adrian can't actually watch, because he gets really scared really easily, and we have learned our lesson (mostly).

But that doesn't prevent us from making really awesome jewelry featuring the hella-rad alien xenomorphs designed by the also hella-rad H.R. Giger. We've had lots of requests for these guys over the years and this Halloween... er... October, seemed like the perfect time to add them to our roster. 

They are being added to the Patreon-Only section of the website as we speak. I would expect them to be available by 10pm pst. 

These will be up for Patreon-Only pre-order until 10/9 and start shipping 10/14, however if you order by 10/7 and will be at GeekGirlCon, we can deliver your Alien in person. Just let us know in the order notes.