Odd Detour: Wayside Chapel & Snoqualmie Tunnel
Greetings FAEmily,

The new year is off and running.  Took Fierce the Racing Snail yesterday in to make sure all lights were in working order.  They now are, and we are ready for this weekend's excursion!

On Saturday, the furry felines and I shall be at Oddmall at the Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe.  Count Morbid will join me and we shall share what we see.

From there, we have an Odd Detour planned beginning first with the Wayside Chapel, a tiny roadside church offers succor to travelers driving by, but only eight at a time. I will get to sleep for the first time ever in the Racing Snail.

Then we will follow the silver path down to North Bend where we will visit Twede's Cafe  (Twin Peaks' real life Double R Diner) and on then on to the Snoqualmie Tunnel (long, dark tunnel is open to hikers, but those without lights are known to get confused even on the straight path.)

We were going to hike out to the ghost town of Lester, but one of you lovely fans out there informed me that it had been torn down by the forest service, so that one is now scratched off our list.

If you are not yet following on Periscope, now is a good time! Shaping up to be an exciting weekend. 

Stay Sparkly, everyone,

:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: 

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