Mud scattered as the Helioptile jumped back from the Geodude's onslaught. The grumpy rock punched forward at Helioptile, but the yellow lizard swiftly dodged at the last moment. It turned and charged at Geodude, and the two collided, throwing dirt and shards of rock everywhere, the dry ground around them cracked.
Geodude pounded its fists together and looked into the sky with a shout. It began to glow, and a sphere or light shot into the air, resulting in a brightness as all the clouds in the sky dispersed and the sun shone brightly.
Helioptile laughed as if Geodude were but a measely bug. Its frills rose towards the sun. "Fool! With the sun now at this strength, I shall become more powerful than you can even– OW!" A rough pain spread over Helioptile's skin, followed by more shots of crackling pain erupting over its body. "Ow! Ow, what– Ow! What is this? Ow! So much pain– Ow!" Helioptile felt as if its skin were splitting open. "Ow! Ow! Curses, curse my Dry Skin! Ow! I can absorb energy from sunlight– Ow! But my skin can't handle the sunlight! Ow! Who came up with this stupid design? Ow! Ow! Owowowowowowowowow OW OW OW–" Geodude socked Helioptile with a Fire Punch and knocked it out.

-Odemon #694 Helioptile