Odyssey | Empowerment Music Video
Listen to the entire Odyssey | Empowerment soundscape (music is watermarked).

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The Odyssey | Empowerment soundscape supports balancing and grounding the main 7 chakras to assist in building a strong spiritual foundation for more expanded meditation and shamanic journeying sessions. It also generates easier access to the DNA codex to assist in all DNA Activation processes. Once integrated into your Main 7 Chakra System, this soundscape opens up a greater access to the Advanced Chakra System. An inner knowing arises that you are ready to begin accessing these higher chakras. This includes chakras 8 through 15 and beyond. We say beyond to allow for whatever advanced chakra system you choose to focus your beliefs upon. This soundscape was created and brought through a higher Muse to work with the entire chakra system regardless of what stage of awakening a person is engaged with. This is the most advanced chakra balancing and awakening soundscape currently on the planet. Utilize it regularly to maintain a healthy, balanced and evolving connection and communion with your Chakra System, and to enhance your greater Manifestation.