Of Buttons, Livestreams, and Getting The Word Out
 Hey gang,

I rarely use this channel to reach out other than to post the latest podcast, but there are a couple of things I want to address.

First: the buttons are finally in, and as soon as things calm down around here (I know, I know they’re never really calm) I’ll have the bandwidth to mail them out. There are plenty to go around. So that’s one thing.

Second: Patreon has opened up a BETA on YouTube Livestreams, so we are going to try some AFTER DARKS on those starting soon. They may be LEGIT after dark. Trying to find time that works for everyone never works, so I’m just going to have to open them up

Third: we do need your help getting word out about the Patreon, the newsletters, etc. etc.

You know that we strive to give you the best work possible here with everything we have. In an ideal world we’d be able to do this full time. 

I don’t want everyone to suddenly up their pledge — that’s just not what I want to see here and that’s not what I’m asking and if you do I will probably ask you to pull it back. Even if it was a dollar more.

What I’d love to see is for us to DOUBLE the number of people who back the work—even at the $1 level. Does that mean $82 more bucks in my pocket after Patreon’s cut? Maybe a drink in the belly of a couple of the writers? Yes.

It’s also our chance to show how large and vital this community of ours already is.