Of Distant Past and Imminent Future
For creatures so emotionally driven we dedicate our intellect to analysis.  At our heart we crave a sort of reconciliation that cannot be achieved through the fullest descriptions of constituent parts.  So many particles, so much counterpoise dimension by dimension, the mathematical descriptions swirl like multitudes of galaxies - immense, ubiquitous, eternal and meaningless.

Who shall scrawl a single line that does not amount to capitulation?

Everything we try to build is designed to collapse, it is as though we choose to see our future as so much compost.  No matter how we want to project ourselves, howsoever we chronicle our accomplishments, we are almost insignificant, so much so that in the cosmic scale our collective legacy cannot amount to more than a particle in hyperspace.

So here I will focus on the legacy that has been left to us, our heritage, I will claim as of right the hard earned wealth of our precedents, and if I cannot put it to good use, if I cannot invest for profit, I will at least acknowledge it.  If that which we are to leave is of little account we are nonetheless born of a noble line.