Of Eppy and Epimas
Greetings Patron Horde, We have reached the point now where several among you are strangers to me. And this is a grand thing! It means the inescapable reach of the Horde is growing. It also means that many of you may not be as familiar with my other projects as some of you are. And some may not be familiar with the traditions of Epimas. December 24th is my birthday. And, with the help of my fellow indie publishers, I've celebrated by birthday these past four or five years by making it easy for folks to give each other the gift of gaming. Each year the offer is different, but some underlying principles remain the same. You buy a PDF of one or more of our indie tabletop roleplaying games for a friend at a discount, and you get that same PDF for yourself for free. This year we hold true to that principle, but it gets a little more . . . chaotic from there. The link above should fill you in on the details. But what I want to draw the Horde's attention to is the fact that this year, every Epimas delivery will include both back issues of Worlds Without Master. So if there's someone on your list who could use a little more wonder and adventure in their lives. At only $5, the smallest bundle costs less than both back issues combined, plus you and your recipient will get two random games and a stocking-stuffer along with it! Be wary! This December 24th will, in fact, be my 40th birthday, and I intend to celebrate it in style. So you may want remain alert this Epimas morn. There may be a surprise lying in wait for you.
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