Of Reports and Rumors
This one is structured a little differently. The opening of each chapter is an edited report derived from a Wanderer's transcribed observations. The Wanderer's name is listed as one of the editors of the report. This is what would show up on Chief Radim's desk after each incident. If he ever needed more information the transcript would be kept by the Archivist listed in the report as Observer.

The rest of this chapter is Atlantis dealing with the aftermath of Miko having to kill a man. Other chapters will depend on the events the Wanderers observe.

I have few plans for length. What I would have done previously is just write until I got bored but that's backfiring on me with the Shadow Over Atlantis series. I need to structure my novels. So I'll just go with as many observations as Chief Radim needs/wants/demands.

Holy hell I sound nuts. My point stands. 3-6 chapters most likely. I'm shooting for the 8k to 15k word range.