Of Risen Moon and Beast / Evangelion - F. Waugh Inceptionism

Subtitle: Goodbye mother

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Celebrating the rewatch of Evangelion on Netflix with this piece ;)

The story behind this piece is just my liberal and personal view.

And if you wonder why Asuka is in the hand of EVA, here is my story:

Actually the EVA's can only be piloted by children, the EVA's have some sort of essence of their respective mother, presumably their soul built into their core.

The Longinus-Lance destroys EVA02 in End of Evangelion.
In my story, the EVA02 was built with an enhanced A.T.Field visible through the circular pod in the hand. It was created for an emergency case, experimental and never tested. In my "alternative" End of Evangelion, the Lance of Longinus could be nearly stopped but caused to activate the beast mode of EVA02 and as side-effect, the core melted with the beast and through internal changes she could not be controlled and piloted anymore.

Furthermore did the beast became aware that Asuka is connected to her. She has no memories but a feeling and that is mutual.

That is why Asuka is telling her goodbye. Somewhere else she might develop a consciousness and some memories.

Stuff for a new movie maybe ;)

What is your interpretation?
I'm really curious to see what others write, discussion encouraged ;)


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