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'Of Two Lesser Evils' Chapter One is Up!
Hey guys!

Okay, for a change of pace I wrote something totally new for you, in honor of both Halloween and (especially) the upcoming Star Wars movie.

This is kind of a weird idea; believe me I KNOW, but I wanted to see what you thought of this Anthology idea (it's explained on the chapter page on TtH).

I SWEAR to you I tried to write a 'little' chapter, just to switch things up during the long run of Dawn/SG:1 segments that are still underway.

Annnnnd it ended up being 15,000 words long.


All right, I'm going to take a couple days off, and then get back to work on things for you to read.

I really hope you enjoy the lovely Buffy/Faith vibes.

Here's how the word totals currently stand: 

Word Bin status (before this post):  1,900 words 

This chapter word count:                15,400 words

Patron Supported Post?  Yes         -10,000 words

New Word Bin total:                          7,300 words

(Does that make sense? Every 10k words is one press of the Patron button? I should probably do a spread sheet, but I've never used one and they scare me :-P  )

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