Off a Day Twice
I was delaying posting this today because--well, that's getting ahead of things.  I did publish Old Verses New; Chapter 20, Kondor 48, in which Joe takes charge of the medical department.  I was waiting for something else, and then realized that I had a much longer wait than I expected:  it doesn't happen until tomorrow afternoon.

As to what is happening:  the webmaster of the Christian Gamers Guild (where I am, I presume most of you know, Chaplain) has decided that the site needs a facelift, and is installing the popular WordPress system to handle our articles as if they were web log posts.  In the process, he is also planning to re-launch the entire Faith and Gaming article series in the new format, one entry per week.  I think the "one per week" aspect was my idea, as I'm planning to add images to each article and announce its republication as it is released.  It is scheduled to be released tomorrow at 3:00, although I do not know what timezone the web site is using so that's, like, plus or minus twenty-three hours.

Complicating it, I almost certainly won't be near the computer when it is released.  I mentioned that someone starts orientation for a new job tomorrow, and because of various reasons I might be driving to the job--seventy-five minutes away--waiting probably mostly in the car probably most of eight hours, and making the return drive.  It is perhaps likely that I will not drive but will ride as navigator, so that the next day and thereafter I do not need to be part of the expedition, but it is quite certain that I am included in tomorrow's trip.  Since I'm leaving fairly early in the morning, I'm probably not going to return until early evening, although late afternoon is a possibility.  Thus it is likely that the article will publish while I am away, and I'll be playing catch up tomorrow evening on a stack of small tasks that are done daily.

I have the expected URL, but I'd rather wait until the article posts before putting it here.  The article will be called Faith and Gaming:  Preliminaries, and if all goes well with the new build will be there sometime tomorrow.