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$1 - The Judge Toothy Grin Tier
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  • My gratitude and my love. Thank you for the support.
  • Plus you get to see all comic pages an update early than anyone else!
  • Work in Progress 
    • storyboards
    • sketching of pages
    • WIP versions of sculpts

Might make a seperate blog on tumblr for WIP stuff if people prefer it there. 

$2 - The Judge Monologuing Tier
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  • Animal or creature sketch. (No color)
    • Realistic
    • Cartoony
    • Original Character
    • Fandom
  • Work in Progress Things
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  • Work In Progress Things
  • Animal or creature sketch. (Color, no shading)
    • Realistic 
    • Cartoony
    • Original Character
    • Fandom
$15 - The Judge Surprised Tier
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  • Your animal or creature sketch is upgraded to basic colored sketch with shading.
  • Also, I'm bringing my sleeping heads back
    • These we're gifts I made for people who would correct spelling errors in my old cringy comics back in the day.
    • Made a ton of them that you can look at over here
    • I'm bringing them back, you can choose what character head you'd like.
    • Doesn't look too great with human character heads btw. 
  • Work In Progress Things
$25 - The Judge Combat Tier
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  • Eyyyyyy!!! Thanks so much!!!
  • Sketch UPGRADED to clean lines and color. 
    • Shading and everything with a basic background!
  • All the previous rewards.
$60 - The Judge Catloaf Tier
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  • OH MAN!! Thank you!!!
  • All previous awards!!!!
  • A digital sculpt of an animal/creature bust!
    • same regulations as the sketches.
    • Again, if tier gets too high (oh man! if only) then will limit to a certain amount of people. 

$100 - The Judge Shock Tier
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  • I'll send you a print or a traditional sketch of you're choice! 
  • All the previous awards.
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