Off-season Announcement

Ostium season four may be done and we're heading right into the off-season, but over here at the Ostium Network Patreon things are going to be anything but quiet. We've got lots in store for our wonderful patrons leading right up to when season five kicks off in January 2020 and beyond.

- In two week's well be kicking off a special Behind the Ostium where Chris, Georgia and myself sat down and had a fun conversation about what's been going on in our lives this year and then answering some questions. There will be some exclusive video footage from this chat that will only be available here on Patreon.

- We've got a number of brand new and fun Ostium Files to get released.

- We've got three exclusive journal entries from one Monica Chase during her training at the Ostium Network.

- And some Welcome to Your Door segments to get out of the way. 

Now for some really cool news. You've no doubt heard we've got two new spin-off shows starting during our off-season: 

Manifestations: A hopeful, solar punk story, told by someone out of place and out of time.  The show kicks off August 31st, written, produced and starring Dwayne Farver. Two trailers have already been released, so be sure to download and subscribe. 

Circé: Kind of Lord of the Rings, except with an awesome gay sorceress on the planet of Albion. This show, coming in January, is written and produced by Alex C. Telander. Trailers will be dropping in September and October. 

And this is the Ostium Network Patreon, meaning you're going to get all the bonus material for the Ostium Podcast, and for Manifestations and Circé! Both shows have behind-the-scenes Patreon-exclusive series coming, PodManifest and Circe Confidential respectively, as we delve deep into each show and explore how it came to be and what it took to make it. 

Finally, the first installment of the Ostium spin-off short story series, Lummi Island, will be coming in September.

So stay tuned for a busy off-season!

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