Offerings from Artist Strong
(1) Soulbrush Sessions is a free e-course with accompanying FB group to support people who participate in free webinars and the e-course content.

(2) The Circle is a paid for mastermind group for artists who want to build portfolios, websites, apply to galleries, and who want more focused feedback on their projects and art. It's more about accountability, feedback and being around other artists seeking the same thing. I've created content for artists who want these things in a private membership website to help support these goals and we have a secret FB group where only Circle members can talk, share, set goals, etc. People who join the Circle tell me the kind of help they need and I build new content around those new needs.
Link here:  Go to JOIN if you wish to sign up.

(3) Patreon is a way to support artists and creatives. It's a monthly commitment for as low as 1 dollar that helps fund ALL the work I do. There are bonus rewards for people who pledge at different price points. Every pledge counts as a raffle towards two drawings for original art or limited edition prints. 3 dollar pledge gets people also coloring book pages and the 5 dollar pledge rewards people with a replay of a free webinar I've run. (You are reading this here).

I also have an altered book course that comes out once a year. I'll be sharing it in the next few months if you wish to join.

I will always have the Soulbrush Sessions, and I need to make a living from what I do if I am to maintain the quality of experience. I'm hoping that I can create value in addition to my free content that you will feel worthy of your investment. If you like or want something, tell me, I want to create quality content for YOU.