Official 0.13.1 release!
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Changelog 0.13.1

  • Fix door into Aunt's home 
  • Fix telescope scene showing too soon 
  • Fix issue where players get locked into house/garden when interrupting scene 
  • Fix issues with wrong location showing (eg save menu during branch choices) 
  • Fix game crash with missing asset 
  • Fix crash when in shower with mom 
  • SFX fixes 
  • Add hints to Roxxy's Shower scene 

Changelog 0.13.0

  • Erik and Mrs. Johnson story/quests
  • June story/quests 
  • 7 animated H-scenes
  • Improved poker game
  • 4 New cut-scenes
  • Secret event in the mall
  • New room in the school (Computer room)
  • Improved Erik's house layout (New rooms)
  • 2 New telescope scenes with Erik
  • 5 New locations (Hill, Hospital, Trailer, Beach and Tattoo Shop)
  • 6 New characters (Roz, Micoe, June, Larry, Crystal and Grace)
  • New church locations (2 new rooms)
  • Water fountain in park now clickable
  • New location in park behind bushes
  • VR headset now in the comic store
  • New minigame (Orc Bork)
  • Multiple new items
  • Menu UI fixes
  • New audio
  • Art fixes (character art improvements)
  • Bug fixes