Official Powerups List (Outdated)

New, updated list for 2020 here!

  Reference Prices ( outdated, I don't use prices too much nowadays )


Special Event Powerups

Special Powerups only for specific holidays or events.


It was about time I had an official List!

I made this post public, so I can link to it from anywhere when needed. If someone asks for the official, updated list, please link this one!



If you want to use these powerups for your drawing, fanfic or roleplay, there's no need to ask for permission! Just use them. After all, "Powerups" are not a concept I own whatsoever! But if you feel like it, you can link back or credit SuperSatanSon.  

Remember, these powerups are made just for fun. The effects may vary according to the character traits the powerup is applied on, and Stats and Size changes are only reference numbers, not exact measures.  Nevertheless, if you use them for your own creative work, feel free to enforce their accuracy as you see fit. :)

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